Sunday, August 5, 2012

August - September 2012 Update

The neurologist has referred David to undergo neurological tests at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney the 20th of August for the buzzing he has had in his left ear for several months now. However, our Pastor has sent him a product called Clairty 2. David is now on the second bottle and he hasn't had any buzzing since last Friday, 3rd of August. 

Nevertheless, we will go to the hospital for the tests to see if they reveal something that may have been the cause for the buzzing. He does have ringing and some deafness in his right ear which definitely is tinnitus (which the audiologist said is probably due to David's firing machine guns when he was in the Army Reserves) but the ringing in little bit of deafness isn't as disturbing as the buzzing was. We are so thankful the buzzing has ceased as it sometimes was so intense it caused dizziness.

We suppose some of this is due to growing old/er. We will keep you updated on what the results from the tests at Royal Prince Alfred reveal.


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